Tired of your ears ringing? Now there is a free online solution for creating customized sound therapy!

How It Works:

Notch therapy is a new approach for the treatment of tinnitus. Several studies have recently found that repeated listening to a full spectrum of sound, minus the frequency of the ringing in the subject's ears, can greatly reduce the severity of tinnitus over time.

Our site provides a free set of tools for creating your own customized notch therapy.

Want to dig into the scientific facts about notch therapy? See here and here

How To Start

How To Start

Step 1

Use our tone generator to identify the frequency of your tinnitus. Hit the 'play sound' button and move the slider back and forth until you have identified the frequency closest to the ringing in your ears.

Step 2

Hit the 'play white noise' button to start playback of your custom notched white noise therapy. Suggested listening time is about an hour.

Step 3

Retune and repeat listening daily!

Try It Now!

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